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By Richard Rhodes

Reykjavik concerns the October 1986 meeting in Iceland between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev when for a fleeting, little-known moment, the two superpowers came close to eliminating all nuclear weapons. Richard Rhodes has crafted a taut, often poignant two-character play that tells a more personal side of the story behind the scenes, distilling the politics and hyperbole into the essence of two men discussing the fate of the world.

Reykjavik addresses issues that are at once historic, yet relevant to our world today as the war in Ukraine demonstrates. This includes the dangers of nuclear proliferation, the economic effects of an arms race, the need for international trust and cooperation, the role of science and diplomacy in public policy, and how the quality and integrity of any country’s leadership can affect its standing on the world stage.

Truly a timely play.

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