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Tonic Live Cast (TLC)

Live Cast takes Tonic's programming to a global community. Live-streamed events, internet radio, and podcasts allow access for people around the world. 

From Artistic Director Kurt Elftmann

October 29, 2019

Live Cast Didn't Launch last night as planned.

That's not good, but it is okay. 


What isn't good is that people were disappointed and frustrated because the live stream didn't happen. This includes our great cast and director, T.J. playwright, Mark Dunn, and of course everyone who went to Tonic's website and waited and waited for Live Cast to happen. To all of them, including you, if you were waiting, I apologize. As the producer, the responsibility for last night rests with me. Letting people down isn't good, for a host of reasons, and it doesn't feel good. It's the last thing Tonic and I want to do. 

But ultimately it will be okay.

Because when you're trying to do something new, something that not many organizations in your industry are doing, there are bound to be some bumps in the road.

Tonic as an organization is learning and as its artistic director and producer, I'm learning too. What I learned last night was actually something I already knew and had a good reminder about last night; when you try something new, especially something that relies heavily on technology if any aspect of the plan falls apart the whole project can be in jeopardy.

The good news is that Tonic had a plan B. Did we live stream last night? No. But we did record the reading for a future podcast. We'll also continue to move forward on other fronts because that's what we're committed to doing. Or as an audience member said to me last night when they realized we weren't going to live stream, "You do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard." It's a paraphrase of a great quote and it's true. I love theater, especially new plays, but a lot about the theater industry is static and doesn't easily adapt. Not theater people, we're highly adaptable for the most part, we have to be to survive. Our industry, however, is slow to accept change. In some respects, theater is still done the way it was done a hundred years ago. That can't be said of many industries. If we aren't the change we want to see then we're just sitting on the sidelines watching and waiting for something to happen. I'd rather Tonic and I drive that change, walk that high wire. Will we fall sometimes, will we get bruised? Yes. In spite of this, or probably because of it, we'll always get back up on that tight rope, always go back out onto the field. 

True to any theater endeavor, I wasn't out there alone last night. 

I want to thank the cast of T.J. for being true theater pros and rolling with changes. Rachel Felstein, Raven Lorriane, Barbara Pinolini, Al Twanmo, Michael Gabel, Michael Dix Thomas, and David Bryan Jackson, you were all fantastic. As was our director, Kelsey D. Phelps, she's a rock. A big thanks to Tyrone Littman at 202Creates as well, he is literally a one man recording studio. And thank you to Mark Dunn for allowing Tonic to present a reading of T.J. 

And of course you, our audience, one scene partner every performer always has. We truly couldn't do it without you. 


Thank you all for being a part of this mix.


Kurt Elftmann

Founder | Artistic Director

Tonic Theater Company