Our Mission

Tonic Theater Company is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to increasing public knowledge and understanding of history and science

around the world through the power of theater.

Our understanding of history evolves, and science is constantly advancing. We believe that theater must also change and adapt. That's why we're reaching beyond theater walls and across borders to build a global community. 

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Doing Things Differently

Nourish community, mind and body. 

Tonic Theater Company is developing a new model for how a nonprofit theater company operates, financially and socially. At its heart is the idea that benefitting people is the most profitable end to serve.

Connecting with community in a meaningful way is directly connected to the resources an organization can bring to bear. Tonic is exploring opportunities to solve both of those problems, while affording a small arts organization the opportunity to expand its reach to a global community. 

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The Company


Tonic Theater Company stands at the crossroads of art and science. We tell the stories of the people and events, familiar and unfamiliar which have shaped our world.

There has never been a more important time to support science.

People are hungry for stories about science and history, as the success of plays and movies such as Copenhagen, Breaking the Code, A Beautiful Mind, and Hidden Figures attests. However, access to these stories is also often limited by price, geography, or physical ability. But at a time of unprecedented ability to communicate information and ideas, access to information is not the primary issue, content is. The mass media deals in sound bites and frequently view science as too complex for this format. There are sustained attacks by corporations and politicians who deny climate change is happening and question the validity of the most basic scientific truths, labeling the proof and the scientists that provide it as fake and frauds. Around the country public school systems are teaching Creationism alongside science and encouraging students to read and study religious texts.

The arts are translators of difficult, often opaque subjects, presenting information in an understandable and entertaining fashion.

Tonic is a synthesis of history, science and theater, using technology to reach across the country and around the world to entertain and educate.


As part of our mission, we encourage emerging and established playwrights to engage with scientific themes in their work. Public engagement is further expanded through panels, readings, workshops, and special events. Where appropriate, these forums employ professional actors, providing an opportunity for playwrights to hear the script, gauge audience reactions, and receive feedback to further shape their work. The goal is to promote the production of commissioned, science-themed plays in our nation’s capital and in regional theaters around the country. Tonic also seeks to use live streaming of play performances and other content to increase its mission reach to a global audience.​

By meeting a series of short-term goals we're moving steadily forward with our mission.


We also partner with other organizations that promote science and history, including:


The Cultural Projects of the National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS) to present a reading of the Sloan Foundation Award winning play Moving Bodies, by Arthur Giron, at the Nation Academy of Sciences.


The American Physical Society (APS) in Washington, DC to present a reading of the play Reykjavik, by Pulitzer Prize winning author Richard Rhodes (The Making of the Atomic Bomb).


The Alliance Française of Washington DC for a reading of Emilie’s Voltaire, by Arthur Giron.


The APS again for a reading of Farm Hall, by David Cassidy, at the Carnegie Institution for Science.


For the past six years Tonic Theater Company has been invited to participate in the Page–to–Stage Festival at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts here in Washington, DC.

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